TRAINER: As Owner/Operator, Ryion takes a personal interest in your fitness results. But he also loves to have fun! Having been a trainer his entire adult life, Ryion knows the mental and physical challenges of dedicated fitness - but then those are just words. In 2013 he took the personal challenge and entered his first ever competition. And WON! That's right, March 2013 NPC UTAH Complete Nutrition Competition, Ryion won his division, won his class, and won the coveted title of Men's Physique Overall Champion.


Update: Ryion wins again, the June 2013 NPC Utah Zogo Sportz Men's Physique Overall Champion!



NUTRITION: Collaborating with Ryion, Alyssa has a passion for fitness, nutrition and for helping others achieve their personal goals. She's a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been training others of all different backgrounds for 7 years specializing it weight loss. Alyssa competes in women’s physique competitions and received professional status in 2011. As a mother of one child she respects women who have children and still strive to be fit and healthy!

Lifestyle Nutrition System is a program broken down into 3 phases. Each phase lasts one month and includes recipes. The goal at the end of these 3 months is for you to know how to live and maintain this healthy lifestyle!